Fly Fishing The Nine Mile River


The Nine Mile River is a small to medium sized river that flows into Lake Huron at the town of Port Albert. Beginnng in the Lucknow, Ontario area, and named after the small town in the upper reaches, the two main tributaries of the Lucknow (nine mile) river are Dickies creek and Pattersons creek. If fishing the upper reaches of the Nine Mile River, pay some attention to these feeder creeks for some resident Brown and Brook Trout action. From here, the river twists its way downstream through the hamlet of Belfast and the town of Dungannon. The Nine Mile River in southern Ontario receives an impressively large run of migratory Rainbow trout in the spring, as well as a

Spring River Safety For Kids

Spring River Safety for Your Children   Early spring is the time of year us fly fishermen start getting the itch to fish real bad. With less than six weeks left until many Ontario Rivers open for the season there is lots to look forward to. One thing we need to keep in mind is just how dangerous blown or swollen rivers can be. I took a walk with my kids down for a look at the local trout river the other day and she was a raging force of water, mud and debris. The bridge in the park where we were is normally 2 feet above the average summertime water level. The other day it was fully submerged by

Upper Grand River Trout Waters


Go To:  Upper Grand River Hatch Chart Grand River from Shand Dam to Elora Gorge Conservation Area This covers information and access points from the Shand dam in Belwood, down to the GRCA Elora Gorge campground. The Grand River flows though the towns Fergus and Elora throughout this stretch and offers great scenery and fishing opportunities. This river is geared toward fly fishing and for the most part this section is a “no kill” zone with special regulations like, no live baits, and single barbless hooks only. There are however a few small portions of the river in the towns of Fergus and Elora where normal regulations apply. Upper Grand River Fish Species The Grand River is host to both

The AFS Experiment

In no-way am I professing that I am a Spey Jedi , just wanted to share my exprience so far with the RIO AFS shooting heads for two-hander usage . A little background . I started swinging the two-hander about 3 1/2 years ago . In which I started casting with a Traditional stroke , top-hand dominant . From there I moved to a more modern style casting stroke . This is known as Under-hand casting , or Scandinavian style . It is a much more efficient way of casting , utilizing less line grainage to deliver your fly . Although this style can be used to deliver all line types , it was created for the shooting head type

Loop at Jays Fly Shop

Join Jay’s Fly Shop and Loop Pro Staffer Mike Barrand on Sunday March 21st at 10:00am for a Spey Casting Clinic. Feel free to bring your own gear to use or have it checked out to ensure it is properly balanced.Mike will br bringing Loop demo equipment to try out so if you don’t have your own gear rods,reels and lines will be available for use.

Upper Grand River Hatch Chart


The Grand River in southern Ontario is often boasted as being one of the best brown trout fly fishing rivers in Ontario. Many of us would beg to differ on that point, but it remains a very popular destination for fly fishers. The flow of the Grand River is regulated by the Shand Dam. There is an abundance of insect life that flows through this bottom draw dam year round, so the trout in the river are well fed.

Fly Fishing the Grand River


Information for fly fishing the Grand River in Southern Ontario. The Grand River is a massive river found in southern Ontario. It begins in the Dundalk area and flows south through heavily populated areas of southern Ontario before entering into lake Erie.  It is the largest watershed in southwestern Ontario and includes all of the land in the drainage of the Grand River and its major tributaries – the nith, conestogo, speed and eramosa rivers. It originates in the highlands of dufferin county. The river winds its way over 300 kilometers to lake erie. Along the way, the Grand rive flows through picture perfect country sides as well as growing cities. The population in the grand river watershed is over

Black Micro Streamer – Matuka Style Brook Trout Fly


Opening weekend can be a tough time for resident trout fishing.  And it can remain tough until the water warms enough that insect life becomes extremely active after a long winter.  One type of fly that I always make sure to have in my fly box for the beginning of the season is an assortment of micro streamers.  I find these tend to bring fish out of hiding when the water is still cold, and brook trout in particular seem to really like them. [singlepic id=18 w=500 float=center] Hook size 10 wet fly hook Thread 6/0 black Body copper wire Wing & Tail Black rabbit strip sliced very thin Head thread

Spring Wiggler Steelhead and Salmon


The Spring Wiggler has been one of my main flies for steelhead and salmon.  I’m not sure if its because it does a good job of imitating Hexagenia nymphs, but I know one thing….it works and it works well.  I remember a day out on a local stream in November.  It was cold and very bright.  This fly managed to bring 4 coho salmon and one migratory brown trout to hand that day. The Spring Wiggler fly pattern is also an excellent choice for resident trout fishing in Ontario. [singlepic id=21 w=500 float=center] Hook size 10 nymph hook Thread 6/0 any natural colour Tail and Overbody squirrel tail Body tan dubbing Hackle Short Cock Hackle Head thread Weight optional

Chironomid Larva


Chironimids are of the True Fly family.  They are abundant in lakes and streams across Ontario and make up a large portion of fishes diets. [singlepic id=19 w=500 float=center] Hook various sizes of stimulator hooks Thread black 6/0 Body red vinyl ribbing in touching turns Head black thread