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Looking for a fun, relaxing getaway for a day with the family? International Trout Ponds – Ontario Located in Mount Albert,  International Trout Fishing Ponds has 10.5 acres of grass, trees & animals —its a relaxed peaceful natural setting with plenty of room for kids to run around & safely play. The property has 6 ponds including a new large dedicated fenced in fly fishing only trout pond (which our swans and ducks share), 2 fully stocked family trout fishing ponds, a sizable bass/pike/perch/crappy catch & release pond and a large domesticated duck pond. http://www.internationaltroutponds.com PRICE LIST Admission General Admission – $5.00 Now includes access to dedicated Catch & Release Bass, Pike, Perch & Crappie Pond Family Fishing Prices Customer Caught

December FFO News and Updates

It must be the same anticipation with which we wait for spring that we wait for chilling nights that freeze the ground beneath us. Typically this drives all but the most menacing of fly fishers in beside a warm fire to sip whiskey laden ice cubes, or apple cider drenched in rum. For those who choose frigid, windy and wet mornings to rise before the sun…The opportunities are endless.

VIDEO – Drift Boat Guide Ken Chandler Profile


Mad Fisher Media (http://www.madfisher.net) put together this short promo video for Ken Chandler Fly Fishing Adventures. Ken is based in Markdale, Ontario.  He was one of the first guides working with Grand River Troutfitters in Fergus.  Since then, he’s become an established, independant drift boat guide in southern Ontario. Ken guides nearly year round for resident trout, bass, pike, musky, carp and steelhead. Read an article about him here:  Ken Chandler Fly Fishing Guide Visit his website here:  Ontario Drift Boat Guide ~ Guided steelhead, trout, bass and musky trips

Spey Casting Instructions In Ontario

Spey casting has been one of the fastest growing aspects of fly fishing in Ontario over the last several years.  Entering into the realm of spey casting can be a daunting task for the beginner.  There are countless videos, DVDs and books available related to spey casting, but your best bet when getting into it is hands on instruction from an experienced spey caster. Check out some of these great Ontario casting instructors to get started in Spey Casting. Spey Casting Lessons in Ontario Ken Chandler Fly Fishing Adventures This course is 6 hours in duration and takes place on the Lower Grand River or Saugeen River. We will cover basic casting techniques and fishing methods to get you started

November FFO News and Updates

We’re now full on into the fall Steelhead season in Ontario!  I trust everyone is getting out as much as they can, and getting themselves connected with the chrome beauties lurking in the depths of your favourite pools! We’ve just got a few things to bring to your attention this month. Ontario Steelheaders The Ontario Steelheaders, in its fourth decade, is a not-for-profit organization of dedicated volunteers with the following objectives: To improve access and habitat for migratory rainbow trout. To provide young rainbow trout with suitable nursery habitat. To provide relevant and appropriate input to government, agencies and other organizations consistent with our mandate. To educate members and the public on relevant issues, conservation practises and proper angling technique

Ontario's Top Fall Flies


Fly fishing in Ontario in the fall means different things to different people.  The main quarry at this time of year are Steelhead and Brown trout.  Some species of pacific salmon can also be targeted, but make up a much smaller portion of what folks are targeting this time of year. Here I’ve compiled a list of my top flies for Steelhead and Brown trout in the great lakes region. Egg flies, Globugs,  Yarn Flies Eggflies are one my my go-to flies for the fall and winter season.  When I’m nymphing, or fishing an indicator setup, you can pretty much be guaranteed that you’ll find a globug pattern attached to my rig somewhere.  Make sure you keep a good supply

Bronte Creek Salmon Poaching

Dead salmon bronte creek

Province Launching Investigation Into Ontario’s Bronte Creek Salmon Poaching The most sickening thing about this passion we all have, fishing, is the people who go about it in the most unethical, and illegal ways they can.  Its fall in Ontario again, and our rivers look like it… Finally the Ministry of Natural Resources is stepping up, follow this link to read the story on the Inside Halton website:   Bronte Creek Salmon Investigation This is the time of year that some of the worst anglers come out to play. It’s fall, and we have many species of migratory salmon and trout entering the great lakes tributaries.  While many folks choose to angle these fish in legal, ethical ways, many more

Downstream – Testing Trout


There is an underground cult of hardcore fly anglers in Ontario obsessed with chasing wild trout in virtually untouched waters. For many, the only way to experience these streams is vicariously, through stories and myths passed down from generation to generation. Those who know these streams keep them secret and hold them close. Most of these anglers are as tight lipped as the fish that swim in these streams. Follow us chasing huge brown trout with streamers in some of Ontario’s finest trout streams. Hatch Addicts obsessing over mayfly hatches and spinnerfalls while casting to colourful brook trout and weary browns in tiny streams. Coming from Madfisher Media, a new film exploring Fly Fishing in southern Ontario DOWNSTREAM Drifting pristine

Fall Trout In Southern Ontario


Fall in southern Ontario is a great time.  Although the end of September brings the end of resident trout season, this time of year can be one of the best for finding big browns.  Brown trout, and brook trout both spawn in the fall.  These species take on some amazing colours as they prepare to spawn, and they also begin to feed heavily knowing that a long, cold winter is just around the corner. Generally speaking, you want to use big flies for big browns.  These fish don’t get big simply by feeding on tiny nymphs and flies.  They get big eating such things as mice, frogs, smaller trout as well as any other baitfish that may call the same