Fly Fishing The Thames River

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Many people will travel great distances to go to a fishing spot they heard about from friends or saw on a fishing show, and we tend to overlook what’s right in our own backyards. One of my favourite rivers to fish is the Grand River.  I love going there and walking the river in the early mornings searching for those monster browns that lurk in her waters! But last year with the summer temps and low waters from the lack of rain the trip from London to Fergus was getting a bit tiresome and not so rewarding.  So I decided to focus my efforts on a river that I saw daily but never really gave the time to…….. The Thames River.

Fly Fishing the Maitland River


I can still remember the excitement rising up alongside the morning sun as I pedaled my homemade bicycle, affectionately nicknamed “the swampcycle”, over the loose gravel concession road to where it ended at the Maitland River for a morning fish. In the last couple of decades I’ve been blessed enough to have found many rivers throughout Ontario that have captured a piece of my heart, but the Maitland will always be weighted with significance. The Maitland River was my introduction to river fishing; a bi-weekly escape for a city boy longing to be a country boy. The Maitland River is a large & complex meandering river that changes faces a number of times throughout its entirety. From the almost stagnant

Fly fishing the Bayfield River


This is one of southern Ontario’s finest steelhead streams.  It is relatively small, and rather inviting to just about any angler who enjoys a wilderness getaway in the heart of southern Ontario.  Located on Ontario’s “West Coast,” The Bayfield River is a small to medium sized river. It flows from just south of the town of Seaforth, then through Vanastra and Clinton before emptying into Lake Huron at the town of, you guessed it, Bayfield. Migratory and Resident Fish Populations The Bayfield River receives a healthy run of migratory Rainbow Trout in the spring and fall, with the majority of them being wild. In the fall, look for Chinook Salmon and Coho Salmon as well. Summer time can provide the

Fly Fishing The Beaver River


Information for fly fishing the Beaver River in Southern Ontario. Mainly looked at as a cold water stream, the Beaver river and its pristine tributaries are host to several species of trout and salmon as well as bass and other warm water species in the lower sections. The Beaver River in southern Ontario flows from the Niagara Escarpment and empties into Nottawasaga Bay, an inlet of Georgian Bay, at the town of Thornbury, Ontario. A fish ladder near Thornbury allows migratory fish such as trout and salmon species to reach spawning areas up river. Flowing through The Beaver Valley, which is a deep wedge on the western side of the Niagara escarpment, formed by a much larger ancestor of this

Fly Fishing The Nine Mile River


The Nine Mile River is a small to medium sized river that flows into Lake Huron at the town of Port Albert. Beginnng in the Lucknow, Ontario area, and named after the small town in the upper reaches, the two main tributaries of the Lucknow (nine mile) river are Dickies creek and Pattersons creek. If fishing the upper reaches of the Nine Mile River, pay some attention to these feeder creeks for some resident Brown and Brook Trout action. From here, the river twists its way downstream through the hamlet of Belfast and the town of Dungannon. The Nine Mile River in southern Ontario receives an impressively large run of migratory Rainbow trout in the spring, as well as a

Upper Grand River Trout Waters


Go To:  Upper Grand River Hatch Chart Grand River from Shand Dam to Elora Gorge Conservation Area This covers information and access points from the Shand dam in Belwood, down to the GRCA Elora Gorge campground. The Grand River flows though the towns Fergus and Elora throughout this stretch and offers great scenery and fishing opportunities. This river is geared toward fly fishing and for the most part this section is a “no kill” zone with special regulations like, no live baits, and single barbless hooks only. There are however a few small portions of the river in the towns of Fergus and Elora where normal regulations apply. Upper Grand River Fish Species The Grand River is host to both

Fly Fishing the Grand River


Information for fly fishing the Grand River in Southern Ontario. The Grand River is a massive river found in southern Ontario. It begins in the Dundalk area and flows south through heavily populated areas of southern Ontario before entering into lake Erie.  It is the largest watershed in southwestern Ontario and includes all of the land in the drainage of the Grand River and its major tributaries – the nith, conestogo, speed and eramosa rivers. It originates in the highlands of dufferin county. The river winds its way over 300 kilometers to lake erie. Along the way, the Grand rive flows through picture perfect country sides as well as growing cities. The population in the grand river watershed is over

Fly Fishing Bronte Creek


Information for fly fishing Bronte Creek in Southern Ontario. Bronte creek has a diverse population of fish species. Bass inhabit the lower sections year round, while the upper reaches are brook trout and brown trout territory. The real fun begins in the fall and lasts all winter through spring when steelhead rainbow trout, brown trout and various species of pacific salmon make their way upstream from lake Ontario to spawn.

Fly Fishing The Speed River

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Information on The Speed river. This river was once known as a prime Brook Trout stream in southern Ontario. That all changed over a century ago when the river was abused and polluted. Today the river is mainly a warm water fishery playing host to pike, bass, carp and various species of pan fish. Some of its tributaries and its upper reaches may still hold populations of Brook trout. The Speed River is a river in southern Ontario which flows from the centre of Southern Ontario near Erin, Ontario to empty into The Grand River, an tributary of Lake Erie. The River flows through the man made Guelph Lake resevoir north of Guelph, Ontario. Until the late 1800s, the Speed

Fly Fishing The Bighead River


Information on the Bighead river in southern Ontario. This river is probably best known for its run of steelhead rainbow trout in the fall and spring. It is also host to an excellent cold water fishery in its upper reaches. The Bighead River is a river in southern Ontario which flows from the Niagara Escarpment near Chatsworth, Ontario and empties into Nottawasaga Bay, an inletof Georgian Bay, at Meaford, Ontario. There are several hiking trails along the river including ‘Trout Hollow Trail’ and sections of the Bruce Trail. It is a small river. Really only the locals and seasoned veterans know the upper reaches due to its thrashingly thick bush and untouched banks. Private property conceals most of the river.