Ontario Trout Opener 2014

Headed out with the usual crew of cabin fevered pals for the weekend. Had one new fella out with us this year. He survived. We headed to our trout camp on Friday afternoon to get camp set up and do some scouting. Checked out a few streams and had a hard time deciding where to put our focus for the weekend. In the end, we just split up and fished all of them! Friday afternoon was a bit chilly. We had some snow mixed with rain for a couple of hours. Nothing a wee bit of maple syrup whisky won’t take care of though. I made a half dozen litres of maple syrup this year, and turned half of it

Early Season Ontario Browns, Brookies and Rainbows on Dry Flies – Green Drakes, BWOs, Pale Evening Duns etc…..


Well, we had a pretty sweet week fishing for Brookies, Rainbows and Browns. The weather couldn’t have been better with a couple of cool, overcast days and a few hot sunny days as well. Numerous bugs were hatching all day long and falling in the evening. All day long we had sulphurs, blue winged olives, pale evening duns, brown drakes, grey drakes and the infamous and massive green drakes. Several different caddis species were hatching and egglaying as well. As usual, we were in Grey county for this expedition. For the most part, I’ll let the pictures do the talking! Still lots of fiddleheads in the flood plains up there! Tasty treats they are! We fished some very small creeks

Fly Fishing for Brown Trout in High Water on the Credit River


Want to learn a little about fly fishing for brown trout in the rain, or in high, muddy water conditions? This article takes a look at a couple of methods to try when you think the water is to high and dirty, or you can try this when there don’t seem to be very many active fish moving about.

Ontario Fly Fishing The Nottawasaga River ~ April 6, 2007


The Nottawasaga river, or the Notty as its friends call it, is a massive river that flows north into Nottawasaga Bay. The river is home to an outstanding run of steelhead, as well as salmon species in addition to its warm water fish population.