Yoshi Aoki – Art and Fly Fishing

Yoshi Aoki is a highly skilled fly fisher and extremely talented artist.
His artwork is as real as if you were holding the fish yourself. He is
only 24 years old but has achieved many heights in fishing and has
created some very fine nature and fishing masterpieces. He has already
fished in many countries and all over Canada and Ontario. He has broken
world records in the 8lb tippet class by catching a gigantic freshwater
Drum or “sheephead” and is one of the newest stars of Fly Max films.

We had a chance to ask Yoshi a few questions and here is what he said.

FFO: Tell me how and when you got started in both fly fishing and

Yoshi: I’ve been fishing my entire life. That’s how I grew up. As a
child, we spent a lot of time in Alberta with family friend, Al Jakubiz,
renowned legend in the outdoors and fly fisherman in the Canmore/Banff
area. He introduced the sport of fly fishing to my brother, Naoto, and I
when we were young, showed us some incredible waters, and put us on
countless fish. I thank Al because it opened up a whole new world to us,
and we soon realized that the possibilities were endless.

FFO: Where do you get your inspiration for your art?

Yoshi: Art became an outlet to express myself from a very young age.
Through art, I could show people what I had seen, enjoyed, and simply,
what I was thinking about. To me, art has always been closely related to
my love for the outdoors, as it provided every ounce of inspiration.
I laugh now looking back at my drawings from when I was young, seeing
simple sketches of fish, deer and bears. It’s funny to me now because it
makes me realize how little my focus has changed over the years.

FFO: What are you plans for the future in art and fishing?

Yoshi: Without a doubt, I will continue to push myself forward in both
fly fishing and art.
That inner drive will cause me to learn, tweak my techniques, and let a
growing maturity influence me along the way. That is what I know for
now, and I aim to make this my living. More so, it is my hope to help
fly fishing become more accessible to those of every age and gender,
while promoting a strong ideal in ethics towards our natural environment
and other anglers.
Through my art, on the other hand, I hope that more and more people will
get enjoyment from what I do.


Yoshi can be contacted at: yoshiaoki_14@hotmail.com

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