Spey Casting Instructions In Ontario

Spey casting has been one of the fastest growing aspects of fly fishing in Ontario over the last several years.  Entering into the realm of spey casting can be a daunting task for the beginner.  There are countless videos, DVDs and books available related to spey casting, but your best bet when getting into it is hands on instruction from an experienced spey caster.

Check out some of these great Ontario casting instructors to get started in Spey Casting.

Spey Casting Ontario

Spey Casting Lessons in Ontario

Ken Chandler Fly Fishing Adventures

This course is 6 hours in duration and takes place on the Lower Grand River or Saugeen River. We will cover basic casting techniques and fishing methods to get you started with confidence.


Rob Heal – The Home Pool

Our spey casting lessons focus on Ontario river systems and the tactics to make you successful.


Doug Swift FFF Certified Casting Instructor – Ontario

If you are a beginner thinking of taking up the sport of Spey Casting, or an experienced caster wishing to improve, contact Doug Swift to see what he has to offer.


Grand River Rafting Company – Mike Barrand

Instructional spey casting school one hour west of Toronto on the famous Grand River System near Paris, Ont. Beginners can learn one handed spey casting and two handed spey casting.


Neil Houlding FFF Certified Casting Instructor – Ontario

Neil Houlding, FFF Certified Casting Instructor for single hand and spey casting. A true expert in his field, Neil presents his casting demonstrations in a relaxed and informative way.

Contact Neil: nhoulding@rogers.com











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