Ontario Trout Opener 2014

Headed out with the usual crew of cabin fevered pals for the weekend. Had one new fella out with us this year. He survived.

We headed to our trout camp on Friday afternoon to get camp set up and do some scouting. Checked out a few streams and had a hard time deciding where to put our focus for the weekend. In the end, we just split up and fished all of them!

Friday afternoon was a bit chilly. We had some snow mixed with rain for a couple of hours.

Nothing a wee bit of maple syrup whisky won’t take care of though. I made a half dozen litres of maple syrup this year, and turned half of it into Maple Whiskey. Damn tasty stuff! We went through one bottle the first night there.  Wished I’d brought more…

I love when this particular creek is up high. The water is everywhere and the fish are pretty spread out, but you usually manage to find a few browns here and there.

This little bugger was the first one I stung on Saturday morning. Bead head pheasant tail nymphs are killer on this stream every year for me. I usually tie up a couple dozen knowing how many trees I’ll end up decorating with them.

Luckily there was still quite a bit of snow around camp. Chilling some brewskies for a little afternoon snack was easy.

Afternoon Brown…

Early evening Rainbow

Fishmas Feast!

I just bought a house in Mildmay and can’t wait to get my ass back to the area I grew up in! I’ll finally be moved in sometime in June. I had to stop and check out the creek that came with the place.

A bunch of these spunky little guys were hangin around here and there.

Also as tradition, I had to stop myself on the river to do a little foraging. I was worried with the late spring this year that I wouldn’t find much. I was wrong.

A healthy patch of wild Leeks was waiting, as well as enough fiddleheads for a small helping.

I’ll be back very very soon…

Merry Fishmas ya’ll! Cheers to a new season!

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