Stolen Driftboat Net

This from Bruce Farrell of Grey Bruce Outdoors:

One of the very first Custom Nets I made for a GBO Member has been stolen.

Thursday evening (March 20/2014), in Sauble, at a store, right out of a drift boat.

The net taken is Number 008. It is a one of a kind, the person who stole it has no idea that this net is extremely identify-able and unique, they do not have a hope in hell of saying they bought it somewhere!! Unless they bought it from the thief.

To the thief, give it back, now! If you don’t there will be about 5 thousand anglers looking for it and I am not saying you will be dealt any sympathy or kindness. We want your ass in jail! Turn it in to any local tackle shop, drop it off and run if you must but do it or the full extent of the law will be crashing down on your sorry ass.

If anyone saw somebody lifting stuff out of a drift boat in Sauble last Thursday evening please contact

If anyone found it and returns it your honesty will be rewarded.

Info and photos can be found here:!

bruce farrel trout net

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