Steelhead and Brown Trout Flies

Best Flies for Great Lakes Steelhead and Brown Trout

Proper fly selection for fly fishing great lakes Steelhead and migratory brown trout.

Watch More Great Lakes Steelhead Tutorials:

Fly Rod Selection – Selecting the right Fly Fishing Rod for great lakes steelhead, salmon and migratory brown trout.

Terminal Tackle – What you should be sure to have in your vest when targeting great lakes steelhead. Everything from strike indicators to split shot are covered here.

Indicator Setup for Great Lakes Steelhead – Two highly effective steelhead fly fishing indicator setups.

Best Flies for Great Lakes Steelhead – An excellent assortment of flies that should be in every great lakes steelheaders fly box.

Egg Fly Materials for Steelhead and Brown Trout – Covering different materials to use when tying up different egg fly patterns for great lakes steelhead and migratory brown trout.



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