Dry and Dropper – Caddis larva, pupa, elk hair caddis fly

This video takes a look at some caddis larvae and pupae (the real thing!) as well as showing a great fly fishing method called the dry and dropper that you can use the next time you are out on the river.

The dry and dropper method is very useful when you can see rising fish but aren’t sure if they are taking emergers or taking flies right off the surface. You simply attach a dry fly trying to ‘match the hatch’ as best you can, and adding a nymph or emerger type fly pattern on a dropper from that fly. The dry fly will act as a strike indicator if a fish takes the nymph or emerger pattern. The patterns used in this video are the High Riding Elk Hair Caddis pattern and a simple caddis larva or nymph pattern.

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