Black Stonefly Stimulator

Around the end of March, black stoneflies begin to emerge on rocks in streams.  This is also the time that steelhead begin to enter rivers in the spring to make their annual pilgrimage to their natal, headwaters streams.  Although most fish won’t be looking up for their food just yet, often they can be teased with a well skated dry fly.

Black stone flies will be present through June and even beyond in many places, so keep a few of these patterns in your fly box all season long.

[singlepic id=40 w=500 float=center]

  • Hook various sizes of stimulator hooks
  • Thread black 6/0
  • Tail stacked elk hair
  • Abdomen Hackle black dry fly hackle
  • Ribbing gold wire
  • Body black dry fly dubbing
  • Wing Stacked Elk Hair – white on top of black
  • Thorax black dry fly dubbing
  • Hackle grizzly
  • Head thread

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