Light Hendrickson

Hendrickson Mayflies are one of the larger, early season emergers in Ontario.  Beginning early to midmay and lasting until June, these flies provide some of the first surface action of the season in many areas.  Flies should be tied in sizes that reflect natural insect sizes in the area you intend to fish.  The hendrickson dun differs from the spinner in that it tends to be a light grey or tan colour, where the spinner is usually a mahogany or burgundy colour. Hatches usually occur mid day when the weather is rather warm and sunny.

light hendrickson dun


  • Hook dry fly size 12
  • Thread uni 8/o brown
  • Tail Grizzly dry fly hackle fibres
  • Body Tan dry fly dub
  • Wing white elk hair
  • Hackle short game cock
  • Head brown thread head

Tying Tips:

Tie the elk hair in first, tips forward. Create a post and wrap thread around it to stablilize it.  Move the thread to the hook bend and tie in the tail.  Dub with the colour of your choice.  Dub the body forward to the wing post.  Tie in a single feather.  Hackle around the post several times.  Finish with a neat thread head.

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