Sulphur Dun

Sulphurs tend to hatch in slower waters. They are tiny, and thankfully usually hatch in great numbers, bringing even the weariest of trout to the surface for a meal.  Sulphurs are a major hatch on many southern Ontario streams early to late June.

Tying Materials:

  • Hook Size 18 dry fly
  • Thread uni 8/0 white
  • Tail white elk fibres
  • Body orange dry fly dub
  • Hackle dry fly palmered forward
  • Wing White elk hair
  • Head Neat thread head

Tying Tips: Tie in the elk hair wing first, facing forward. Bring the hair back to form an upright wing before moving to the rear and adding the tail, body and finally the hackle.

Fly Pattern Specific Rivers: I’ve found this patterns particularly useful on the upper Saugeen river, the Beatty Saugeen River and the Beaver River.

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