Tiny Double Egg Steelhead Fly – McFly Foam

Egg flies were designed to resemble the eggs of fish, and in particular the eggs of migratory species such as Chinook salmon and Rainbow trout.  They come in as many colours and sizes as there are tyers, and their usefulness as a late fall and winter and early spring steelheading fly is well proven.  This pattern is tied very small and is useful when the water is low and gin clear and the fish are easily spooked.  From experience, the best material to use when tying these egg flies is McFly foam which should be available at your local fly shop.

[singlepic id=50 w=500 float=center]

  • Hook size 14 egg fly
  • Thread white 8/0
  • Egg McFly Foam

Fly Pattern Specific Rivers:

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