Chocolate Bunny Bead Head Nymph

The Chocolate Bunny has been for several years now one of my “Go To” nymphs for just about any trout or salmon species.  It seems to imitate many mayfly nymphs, as well as stoneflies and possibly some caddis larva as well.  The year I began fly fishing, I tied this fly using  Hares Ear Dubbin, of the chocolate colour.  Try the fly with or without a bead and make sure you have several different sizes of the fly as well.

[singlepic id=20 w=500 float=center]

  • Hook size 8-16 nymph hook
  • Thread brown 6/0
  • Ribbing gold wire
  • Body chocolate hares ear dubbin
  • Wing Case Turkey feather fibres
  • Head bead or thread, your choice

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