Spring Wiggler Steelhead and Salmon

The Spring Wiggler has been one of my main flies for steelhead and salmon.  I’m not sure if its because it does a good job of imitating Hexagenia nymphs, but I know one thing….it works and it works well.  I remember a day out on a local stream in November.  It was cold and very bright.  This fly managed to bring 4 coho salmon and one migratory brown trout to hand that day.

The Spring Wiggler fly pattern is also an excellent choice for resident trout fishing in Ontario.

[singlepic id=21 w=500 float=center]

  • Hook size 10 nymph hook
  • Thread 6/0 any natural colour
  • Tail and Overbody squirrel tail
  • Body tan dubbing
  • Hackle Short Cock Hackle
  • Head thread
  • Weight optional

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