Uni Thread

Tying flies requires the same delicate finesse as say playing the harp. The smaller the diameter of thread you are using, the neater you will keep your fly, eliminating bulk and plump, oversized heads. I’ve played around with quite a few different threads, and there is one that always stands above the rest.

UNI Products J.G. Côté Inc. started in 1989 when fly fisher and fly tier extrodinaire Mr. Jean-Guy Côté was looking for new, innovative products to use in his tying. Finding that one of the most critical factors in a well tied fly was the thread itself, he decided embark on a mission to create a thread that was designed specifically for the purpose, and of far higher quality than the existing offerings. He made a few sample spools and shared them with some of his tying buddies. That soon led to his tying buddies asking for more, which snowballed into the fly tying community and soon demand increased to the point where he decided to make a job of it. Since then, the product line has grown larger with each year, and the company offers over 27 different products: UNI-Thread, UNI-Floss, UNI-Stretch, UNI-Mylar, etc. Each thread diameter comes in at least a dozen colours, most with 25 colours.

When it comes down to it, UNI is the only thread I’d choose to use. There are still times when I raid the better halfs sewing box for a colour that I so desperately need, but the experience is not at all the same. UNI thread is flexible, durable and strongest by diameter by far. If you haven’t tried tying with UNI thread, might I suggest you pick up a spool or two yourself and see what this stuff is really like.

Mr. Jean-Guy Côté passed away in 2006. UNI products continues to operate offering the same outstanding service and product quality that Jean was responsible for.

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