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Invertebrates are a major component of the aquatic community. They are also very sensitive to changes in climate, weather, and water quality which makes the location and magnitude of hatches dynamic through time and space. We would like to create a detailed hatch chart for the Great Lakes watershed in Ontario. This will help us as anglers when tying our flies and packing our fly boxes. Detailed information about the environmental conditions, date, and location of life events such as hatches, egg laying, and spinner falls will also provide data on changes in habitat quality and aquatic insect species range over time.

We need your help to get enough data to create this map. If you happen to notice an insect life event and feel that you can identify to order (e.g. caddisfly, mayfly, or stonefly), family, or species, and/or can take a quality photo from which the species can be identified, please help us by filling out a quick survey about the hatch and uploading your photo.

We respect your privacy. The resulting charts will only be provided at the watershed level. We will not use your photos without your permission. If you give us permission, we may use your photos to develop a quiz for people to practice and judge their ability to ID aquatic insects, all metadata will be removed from any photos used.

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