Grand River Spey Clave 2013 Location Change

There are some issues going on at and around Bean Park that affect the feasibility of using it as a venue for this year’s Spey Clave. None of the issues are as a result of the Clave but they definitely do affect the Clave. As a result the area at bean park which we have used for parking in the past has now been posted as no parking so we will not have sufficient for the Clave at Bean Park. In the best interest of the Clave we have decided to change the venue for the event to a place where we will have ample parking as well as a suitable place for the presentations. Unfortunately I have had no advance notice of the parking change as the signs were only posted last week and I became aware of it this past Saturday and have lost more then a little sleep working on an alternative.

The Grand River Spey Clave will now be held at the Outfitters Launch at the Brant Conservation Area in Brantford. The conservation area is about a 15-20 minute drive from Bean Park in Paris. The conservation area is operated by the Grand River Conservation Authority so there is a charge to get into the park. The charge I believe is $5.00 but they are working with us to have a lower rate for anyone attending the Clave and I will have the details on this in the next few days and will post it on the clave web site as well as send out an announcement it at that time. Each morning of the Clave I intend to have a volunteer at bean Park for an hour or two in case people still show up there so they can be redirected to the conservation area. For anyone interested in staying over night at the Brant Conservation Area they have ample camping facilities as well as shower/bathroom facilities etc. I and my good friends that always help out at the Clave will be staying over for sure.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns you may. I apologize for any inconvenience and hope to see you all there.

Cheers and thanks for your understanding in this matter.
Randy Wilson (Clave Organizer)

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Follow this link for directions:  Directions to Brant Park Conservation Area, Brantford Ontario


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