Neil Houlding Spey Day Radio Interview

On October 15, 2008, Dave FM of the KW area interviewed Neil Houlding about Spey fishing, origins of the method and several other aspects of fly fishing. This is an MP3 recording of the interview.

Grand River Spey, a group of dedicated spey fishing enthusiasts has been organizing Spey Claves in Southern Ontario for a number of years. These events bring opportunity to folks who would like to try out spey fishing equipment before they jump into purchasing it. Several casting instructors, pro-staff from local fly shops, a free BBQ lunch and much more are just some of the things that happen at these events.

One particular individual, Neil Houlding, has been involved in each Spey Clave. He was intereviewed on DaveFM just before the event held in October, 2008. Here is the interview with Neil Houlding:

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