Upper Grand River Trout Waters

Grand River from Shand Dam to Elora Gorge Conservation Area

This covers information and access points from the Shand dam in Belwood, down to the GRCA Elora Gorge campground. The Grand River flows though the towns Fergus and Elora throughout this stretch and offers great scenery and fishing opportunities. This river is geared toward fly fishing and for the most part this section is a “no kill” zone with special regulations like, no live baits, and single barbless hooks only. There are however a few small portions of the river in the towns of Fergus and Elora where normal regulations apply.

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Upper Grand River Fish Species

The Grand River is host to both cold and warm water species including bass, pike, and of course the most sought after, brown trout. It has also been rumored that there are pickerel in these parts, but who knows for certain. Large brown trout, above 20”, are caught here every year as well as many smaller ones. The river is looked after by the Grand River Conservation Authority and the Friends of the Grand whom both run different programs to preserve and protect the river and surrounding area.

Each year the Grand River is stocked with thousands of brown trout ranging in size. In 2009 13,500 yearlings and 10,000 1+ yearlings were released in this area alone. The river has been regularly stocked for more than 20 years. To learn more about Friends of the Grand you can visit their website at:


Upper Grand River Access Points

Access to the river can be found all throughout the towns of Fergus and Elora with lots of parking near the river. Some particular locations are:

  • Belwood Lake Conservation Area.

Located on Wellington Rd. 18

You have to pay for parking and park entry

  • Bridge on 2nd Line

Located near intersection of Wellington Rd 18 and 2nd Line

  • Parking and access along Wellington Rd 18

Located near intersection of Wellington Rd 18 and Wellington Rd 29, upstream of Fergus. Garbage, Map, and Regulations at this spot

  • Bridge on Scotland St.

Parking and access at park located on Scotland St.

  • Town of Fergus

Parking an access to river throughout downtown Fergus

  • Can Roberts St.

Located on the North side of the river off Wellington Rd 18

  • Trestle Bridge

Parking and access on both sides of the river.

Located on Wellington Rd 18 (North side) and South River Rd (South side)

  • Raquet Club

Located on Wellington Rd 18

  • Elora Quarry Conservation Area

Located on Wellington Rd 18

You have to pay for parking and park entry

  • Bissel Park

Located on Mill St. (Wellington Rd 18) in Elora

  • Town of Elora

Parking and access to river throughout downtown Elora

These are the main access point for the section of the Upper Grand River from Shand Dam down to the Elora Gorge Conservation Area. Please note that many portions of this section have special regulation. Know the regulations of the areas you are going to fish.

Upper Grand River Fly Patterns

Some fly patterns that have been good producers for Brown trout in this section are:

  • Beadhead Caddis Larvae
  • Micky Finn
  • Elk Hair Caddis
  • Black and Olive Woolybuggers
  • Adams

Follow this link for an Upper Grand River Hatch Chart

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