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Kurtis Robinson shows us how to use this highly effective method of nymphing. Keeping your line short and your rod tip high in the air are key factors in successful high stick nymphing. Heavy nymphs are usually a necessity when using this method. Drifts are short, and the fly needs to get down deep very quickly.

High Stick Nymphing for Trout


This is an extremely effective and neat way to nymph! Otherwise known as shortline nymphing, heavy nymphs and long rods are a bonus in most cases. Below the waters surface is a world like no other. Minnows, leeches and other creatures lurk about, hoping they are not being watched by a big trout. What we are concerned with here however is not a minnow or a leech, but larvae, pupae and nymphs. Streams abound with these pre-flight creatures year round, so its not all that surprising that the diet of a trout consists of some 70-80% nymphs taken below the surface. With different species, different water conditions and water quality, it can seem quite daunting at first to look below