Ontario Trout Season Closer 2007

Trout season in Ontario lasts from the 4th Saturday in April until September 30th. Late fall fly fishing has its ups and downs. Low water and hot, hazy days can make fishing very tough!

Rain in southern Ontario

We took a little trip into the woods over the last weekend.  A place I go
very often, having fished it for about two decades now.  For the most
part, nothing really changes here.  Its like a little glitch where time
has seemingly paused.  Along the roadway here, there are definite signs of
ignorant humans being out and about. 

We got a bunch of rain on Friday when we were up there, which really added
to the feeling of the place.  As it is, it?s true Ontario jungle?add the
rain and everything just looks that much more inviting.


One of the nice things about this creek is that after runoff has finished
in the spring, the flow generally stays about the same for the rest of the
season.  It makes a nice place to get out to during the hot summer months
when everyone and their brother are out on the bigger rivers.


The trick on this trip was definitely high stick nymphing.  Dries were
working, but very sporadically, and in this type of situation, you
definitely don?t want to be tossing a dry around in every direction
imaginable.  We didn?t catch anything worth bragging about, and the camera
didn?t even make it out to see a fish on this trip.  We got into the usual
Brookies, and far too many Rainbow parr for my liking in this area.  It
was only about 3 or 4 years ago that I even started catching the little
buggers in there, and I really think its crippling the Brookie
population.  These little Rainbows are so ferocious that you can?t get
past em to get a Brookie anymore!!

Fly fishing for brook trout in southern Ontario

Nymphing for trout in southern Ontario

high stick nymphing for trout in southern Ontario


I absolutely love this place….whether fishing or not, I take at least a
dozen trips to the area each year, every season just to hike around and
take it all in!

brook trout stream in southern Ontario

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