For the Fly Addict Dad

Father’s Day is fast approaching. For some reason, dads seem to be the hardest people to buy for.  So we decided to help you out with a list of items for the dad that is an avid fly fisherman. 

For the Outhouse:IMG_0124

The perfect book for beside the loo is a book of short stories, and the king of short stories for fly-anglers is John Gierach. John’s latest book All Fishermen are Liars does not disappoint.

Fly-tying Material:

Fly-anglers prefer to customize their selection to the rivers and fish they target, so don’t buy a kit for the experienced angler. However, there are some tried and true items that need to be in every fly-tyer’s hoard. These items run out quickly, so it doesn’t matter if they already have some.

Black Uni thread size: 6/0

Clear head cement

Tungsten Gold beads – It may be tempting, but no you can not just give them beads from your craft kit

However, if you are dealing with a beginner or newly addicted fly-angler that is just starting to tie their own flies, just about any kit will do that has a vice, tools, materials to tie at least 3 patterns, and an accompanying instructions. Scientific Angler has a kit that appears to cover all the bases.

For the Adventurous Angler:


One of the best items in a fly-anglers tool kit is a back road map used to find access points to their favourite rivers that wont be crowded with hundreds of other anglers. You can pick up area specific maps at your local information or tourism office.

If you aren’t able to get to the local tourism office, a good general map book is the Ontario Back Road Atlas. It is spiral bound so it will handle many page flips.

Techie Anglers:

For the angler that likes gadgets (what Dad doesn’t like to get techie gadgets for Father’s day?) help them gauge how active the fish will be with a stream thermometer. A stream thermometer is also a great item to have to help to decide if the water is at a safe enough temperature for catch-and-release fishing. The thermometers range in price with low-tech and high-tech items at both ends of the price range. For example,  for the low tech, you can get an Andux or an Orvis thermometer.  I currently am using  the William Joseph: Infrared Thermometer, it doesn’t appear to available on, but you will most likely be able to find one (or one like it) at your local fly-shop.

In fact, I recommend that you go to your local fly shop, if you can, to buy any of these items. Your local fly shop is also a great resource for more fly-addict gift suggestions.

Fly Fishing Starter Kit, Fly Tying Starter Kit, Recommended Back Road Map Book

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