FFO Fall 2011 Newsletter – Ontario Steelhead Info and Guides

Fall is here!  And in southern Ontario that means the runs of migratory Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout have begun.  Chinook and Coho Salmon are now in most of our Great Lakes Tributaries, and the Trout will soon follow.

In this newsletter you've find a selection of fly fishing videos to help get you started in targeting Great Lakes Steelhead and Brown Trout.  Everything from Fly Rod Selection for the Great Lakes to Best Flies for Steelhead and Brown Trout are covered.  Excellent information for the newer fly anglers, and a great reminder for veteran fly fishers alike.

The Guides that Fly Fish Ontario recommends for your fall Steelhead trips are also covered here.  Check them out as these are some of the best guides southern Ontario has to offer in the way of both driftboat and walk and wade Steelhead fly fishing trips.

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