September is here – Salmon and Steelhead in Ontario!

Well folks, it is now August 31st, 2009. We’ve had a tremendously wet and cool summer. Summer? OK, I guess it was more like an extended spring that is now quickly cruising into fall. Hopefully you’ve had a good fill of resident trout action. If not, you’ve got but one month left to fill the void before trout season closes here in Ontario. Some may find it to be a sad time, the end of September. But wait a minute! Its steelhead time!! Woo!!

This is the time of year to start pulling out those boxes full of flashy, colourful steelhead flies that you tucked away in the corner last may. Its time for them to see the light of day once again. Maybe pull out your fishing journal if you keep one and track back to this time last fall. When did you fight the first migratory trout of the fall season? That just might give you an indication of how excited you should be getting. But even more importantly, you will probably have a record of what flies you started using early in the fall season, and what flies you will need to tie so you don’t run out when the steelhead or browns are running in full force come October and November.

While you are combing through your notes, you might also want to brush up a little on information regarding migratory salmon and trout species. We have a number of articles on Fly Fish Ontario with some great information on Steelhead, migratory brown trout and migratory pacific salmon. In addition, you may wish to read through our Ontario Migratory Salmon and Trout Fly Fishing Rivers section to get a feel of which rivers are your best bets when it comes to fishing for these species.

And just for kicks… are a few shots of some of the fish we get into on Ontario Great Lakes Tributaries

Have a safe and rewarding fall season folks!

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