Little Blue Winged Olive Dun Parachute LBWO

The Little Blue Winged Olive tied parachute style is a perfect imitation for smaller stream fishing. The fly floats very low, almost in the surface film, and when the fly is not dressed, it could easily imitate an emerging dun as it drifts downstream, rear portion submerged. Once a dressing of dry fly floatant is applied, the fly will ride perfectly flat as it drifts downstream in the current.  Tie these flies tiny and sparse.

[singlepic id=31 w=500 float=center]


Tying Materials:

  • Hook Size 18-24 dry fly
  • Thread uni 8/0 grey
  • Tail grizzly hackle fibres
  • Body olive dry fly dub
  • Hackle grizzly hackle
  • Wingpost White elk hair
  • Head Neat thread head

Front View

[singlepic id=29 w=325 float=center]


Side View

[singlepic id=31 w=325 float=center]


Top View

[singlepic id=30 w=325 float=center]


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