Badger Butt Bead Head Mayfly Nymph

The ‘Badger Butt’ nymph is a neat little nymph that will imitate a number of mayfly nymphs.  The badger I used for this fly was grey/tan in colour, while the very tips of the fur were thin and black.  When you snip off the badger fur from the hide, be sure to snip it off right at the base, as you’ll want to use the underfur as dubbing for this fly.  Beads can be the colour of your choice.  I try to use dark coloured beads when fishing clear water, and I’ll switch to a gold or silver bead when the water is a little off colour to add a little flash to the fly.

[singlepic id=52 w=500 float=center]

  • Hook size 12-16 nymph hook
  • Thread brown 6/0
  • Tail Badger fur tips
  • Ribbing thin copper wire
  • Body badger underfur
  • Hackle two or three turns of brown hackle
  • Wingcase mottled turkey feather folded dull side down
  • Head brown glass bead

Fly Pattern Specific Rivers:

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