The Classic Wooly Bugger

Wooley Buggers can be used anywhere for any species.  Because they suggest such a wide variety of food items, it doesn’t matter if you are fishing bass in a lake, or brookies in a creek, wooly buggers can sometimes be the ticket to a very successfull day on the water.  Depending on what type of insect or other species you are trying to immitate, wooly buggers do a fine job of tricking fish into believing they are dragonfly nymphs, leeches & minnows.  Very simple to tie, and I’d recommend to anyone who fly fishes that this be one fly that always has a place in your fly box.

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Tying Materials:

  • Hook Streamer hook size 6-12
  • Thread uni 8/0 colour to match
  • Tail marabou fibres
  • Body chennille
  • Hackle saddle hackle
  • Head Bead Head or Neat thread head
  • Weight lead wrap if desired

Fishing Tips:

Fish wooly buggers everywhere!  Fast water will require less effort on your part, while slow water will have you creating all of the flies action with the rod and line.  Try tossing the fly upstream, deliver a quick upstream mend to allow the fly to sink, and dead drift it towards yourself along an undercut bank or sweeper.  Adding weight to the fly is a good idea if you intend to fish depths of five feet or more.

Fly Pattern Specific Rivers: The wooly bugger fly pattern is a good choice for any Ontario waterbody.

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