Fall Trout In Southern Ontario

Fall in southern Ontario is a great time.  Although the end of September brings the end of resident trout season, this time of year can be one of the best for finding big browns.  Brown trout, and brook trout both spawn in the fall.  These species take on some amazing colours as they prepare to spawn, and they also begin to feed heavily knowing that a long, cold winter is just around the corner.

Generally speaking, you want to use big flies for big browns.  These fish don’t get big simply by feeding on tiny nymphs and flies.  They get big eating such things as mice, frogs, smaller trout as well as any other baitfish that may call the same stream home.  Large trout streamer flies are the ticket for big brown trout, especially in the fall.

southern ontario trout river

With fall rains, rivers will tend to rise to much higher flows than seen throughout the summer months.  This rise in water will bring the bigger fish out of hiding.  They’ve spent months under logs, hiding in undercuts, they seem to just disappear when the water level drops, and the water temperature rises.

You need to focus on areas where fast water breaks to much slower water.  Large browns will sit on the seam when water levels are up, waiting for an easy meal to come along.  Casting straight across the river, into the fast water, and aggressively stripping your streamer across the current will get the attention of even the most groggy browns.

Its not uncommon this time of year to take several large brown trout from the same holding lie.  These fish will begin to pair up, getting ready to spawn, and they’ll be very aggressive.  When you get several male trout all vying for the same female, they’ll start lashing out at anything that gets near them.

Coloured Up Brown Trout

Then there are the brook trout.  These fish, actually Char, and not trout, have the most brilliant colours in the fall when they are getting ready to spawn.


Fall Fly Fishing in Southern Ontario!

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