Early Season Ontario Browns, Brookies and Rainbows on Dry Flies – Green Drakes, BWOs, Pale Evening Duns etc…..

Well, we had a pretty sweet week fishing for Brookies, Rainbows and Browns. The weather couldn’t have been better with a couple of cool, overcast days and a few hot sunny days as well. Numerous bugs were hatching all day long and falling in the evening. All day long we had sulphurs, blue winged olives, pale evening duns, brown drakes, grey drakes and the infamous and massive green drakes. Several different caddis species were hatching and egglaying as well.

As usual, we were in Grey county for this expedition. For the most part, I’ll let the pictures do the talking!

Still lots of fiddleheads in the flood plains up there! Tasty treats they are!

We fished some very small creeks

And some larger streams as well……

Now for some feesh!!!!!

Kerry was getting some decent browns on one of the larger streams. She hooked one giant but lost it at the net!

The browns were very plentiful! They averaged between 10 and 14 inches with a couple that were a little larger.

And some nice brookies too!

And once the sun was up and bright, the browns headed for cover and out came tons of rainbows to fill in the gaps!

On one of the hotter days, I set up my tying stuff at camp seeing as we were getting very low on the four or five patterns that were producing most.

Some bug shots!

Green Drakes—-MASSIVE!!

Not sure what these guys were…..they were out early in the evening dancing just before the big drakes started their mating ritual under the full moon……very tiny flies.

We spent one day up there stalking some of the remaining steelhead. I managed to get one to rise to a dry fly, but the fight lasted but a few short seconds with the log jams and all.

Kerry hooked into here first steelhead on the fly out there as well. Needless to say she lost it, but now she’s hooked on chrome as well!

I can’t wait to get back up there!!

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